Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Miles Diagonal

The Miles Diagonal Scarf

I'm making this scarf for my friend, Gary. I linked the pattern above and I'm using Red Heart Soft Yarn in Heather Grey (2 skeins @ 204 each.) The cast on is 42 stitches but it also gives options for narrower or wider. I didn't think 42 would look as wide as it has turned out to be. If I had to start it over (which I am NOT doing!) I would do it narrower, but I still like this. The only reason I'd do it narrower is so that it wouldn't be so bulky when wrapped around the neck. I was going for something a little more season neutral (fall-winter) but I think at this rate, I've got a pretty solid winter scarf. It's still rather nice though. And the soft texture of the yarn (which my nasty-starbucks-winter-fingers are not felting, thank pete) combined with the diagonal pattern make it look like a nice, dressy scarf. Hoorah!


  1. i fer seriously love this scarf. i'm going to have to man up and make it one of my next projects. if i ever finish the hat i've been working on since christmas...

    good work best friend! <3

  2. i really dig this pattern!! nice work!