Saturday, January 30, 2010

hurricane hat!

sorry for the sideways picture, but i haven't the time nor patience to correct it. plus, every one needs a good stretch of the neck're welcome in advance.

this yarn has seen better days. it's been a part of two frogged hats (one being a giant hat with a stupid pattern and the other being the early version of this hat). i got the pattern here. for a n00b, the way it's written was a problem. i didnt understand the adding a stitch to make the total number of stitches an odd number when the pattern was in sets of 10. turns out, that odd numbered stitch allows your knitting to rotate around the hat (with out it, you end up with a really wide rib). however, because of the rotation it is 1.) impossible to use markers and 2.) hard to keep track of where you "started" (bc sometimes your starting marker (necessary for the knowledge of where your row ends) inevitably bounces around throughout the pattern. For the 2nd reason, I'd say this hat is "medium" easy. Otherwise, it is a super simple, quick knit and took me two nights and part of a saturday, but if i hadn't been so lazy, I'd say you could finish this in a day.