Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pickin' it back up.

So I have finally picked my lace project back up. I'm not attacking things with as much vigor as I was before, but I'm doing the "slow and steady wins the race" thing. One reason that's good is that I am taking the time to enjoy the process and not just rushing to have something new at the end of it.

There's still that one little hiccup, back before I set the project down for a while, where I had dropped a stitch or something, and ended up with a whole. But by my calculations, I've decided that it's no big deal because a) it's my first lace scarf and your first everything is supposed to have some mess ups and b) it's at the bottom, so I don't think it'll be mega obvious.

My goal is to make it a longer scarf. I imagine it being a nice springtime scarf that I can wear out and about in Evansville. Casual, yet classy.