Sunday, January 25, 2009

lace? what lace? i don't know what you're talking about.


I decided the point of all of this was not to be crabby so I set the lace scarf aside. I'm going to pick a simpler, more beginner friendly pattern to practice lace, I think. But until then, I decided to get to work on my Market Tote. The pattern can be found here. The yarn I'm using is KnitPicks (aka We Take Forever and a Year to Ship) Comfy, color Planetarium. My digital picture and the pictures on the KnitPicks website do not do this justice. It really is gorgeous. Also, it's a blend of Pima Cotton and acrylic and is ridiculously soft and yummy. The whole thing is knit holding two strands of yarn together, I imagine, for extra sturdiness. What you're seeing is the first of two side panels. I put my wallet, which is checkbook sized, next to it so you can see the size with more perspective. I also showed it folded in half at the turning ridge so you'd get an idea of what's going to happen.


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  1. doubling the yarn for sturdiness! brilliant. not that it's unheard-of, but i'm still bitter about the messenger bag that i made that stretches so badly that it's useless. go, usefulness. what's so useful about lace? ;)