Monday, January 26, 2009

halfa hat

i felt left out... so here's an update of half my hat for emily! i'm working on decreasing now. it took me a bit to figure out how to yarn over and not to toot my own horn but... i'd call myself a pro now. well, until i mess up and start over that is... in which case i'm not a pro - i'm a shmo. hip hip!


  1. cute! that yarn doesn't happen to be red heart soft yarn (thanks, jenny, for showing me the way!) in tangerine? i have some, and i'm thinking fingerless mittens...

    anywho, if you can yarn over and twist a tiny cable, you are just as much a cardigan knitter as i. i haven't gotten to the part where i have to pick up stitches or where i have to knit two sleeves that look just alike. eek!

  2. the yarn is actually lion brand cotton ease in terracotta and i <3 it. fingerless mittens in that color sounds super cute!

    as for your cardigan... my hat still goes off to you! i would've given up a looong time ago!

  3. i think it is official. you are a schmo.